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What documents are needed when buying a car for the first time using finance

In the modern society, a car has become a necessity for both social and official purposes.  Many people use their cars to shuttle between their residence and place of work.  While a few are able to save for a car, others are faced with the urgent need to have a car for their daily use even before accumulating enough savings to by one.

This is where Car Finance cames in to save the day.

When seeking finance to enable you to buy a car of your choice, you need documentation which will enable the company giving the facility to be in a position to know who they are dealing with.

A drivers license is top of the list.  You must prove that you are a competent driver and that you meet all driving requirements. 

Of paramount importance to is identification documents which may also double up as a proof of residence. Proof of residence is good because the lender can be assured that they are dealing with a person who is readily available and they can also do a background check at their convenience.

Proof of income is also needed and can be in form of a payslip or company recommendation.  This will act as a guide to the finance lender of your ability to finance the facility given.  You are required to provide bank details and a certificate of insurance from a recognized institution.  

However, you may find some companies requirements may vary from another depending on their client base.

(Please note documents needed do vary based on your individual credit score)

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