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Should I buy a diesel car?

In recent months and years, diesel cars have gained a bit of a bad reputation and it might have left you wondering whether you should buy a diesel car. There have been several bans introduced as well as an increase in tax and so, your needs will determine whether you really should buy one.

If you are someone who drives a lot of miles each year, then a diesel is probably the best choice.  Currently, the latest Euro 6 diesel vehicles offer better fuel economy than petrol vehicles. If you are someone who requires a car that has torque then a diesel is also the best choice for you, especially if you are someone who tows trailers or caravans.

However, it is still too easy to remain unclear about what diesel vehicles are all about and so, the following questions should help to remove any concerns or queries you might have.

Will my diesel depreciate in value?

 Due to the changes that have been implemented, the sale of new diesel vehicles has dropped. However, the used market still remains strong and so, the demand for used diesels still remains high. It is expected that the price of used diesels will drop slightly but the drop should be rather small.

Am I likely to pay more tax in the future?

 Currently, new diesel cars are susceptible to an increase in tax but used cars are not affected by the increase. The increase in tax is only applicable to the first-year rate and can cost a small amount, often as low as £20. It is possible that any changes to tax legislation in the future will only relate to new cars.

Are there any penalties that I could face?

 It is highly possible that the government and authorities will bring in charging zones where older diesel cars will have to pay a fee to enter as opposed to banning them completely. This could be a similar thing to that of the London T-charge which only apply to older vehicles. Currently, Euro 6 cars are exempt and will not be charged to enter the London Ultra Low Emissions Zone which will come into effect in 2019.

Do diesels pollute as much as they say they do?

 Diesel vehicles emit an average of around 20% less Co2 than petrol vehicles. While tests by Emissions analytics have found that there is a considerable difference in NOx output between different models of diesel vehicles. If this is a concern of yours then it is worth researching the vehicle that you plan to purchase to get a more accurate and true reading.

Should I purchase new or old?

 There are many factors that can determine what you should buy such as your budget. However, if you do opt to purchase second hand then if the car is dated before 2016, it might not meet the most recent set of emissions standards. This could result in an increase in road charges in urban centres as well as parking surcharges.

If you opt for a new car, then it will meet the recent Euro 6 guidelines as required to do so by law and that will mean that will mean it will not have to meet the clean air/ultra-low emission zone charges.

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