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Just passed your test looking for your first car we can help

Passing your driving test is an immense feeling. It is your gateway to freedom. Of course, spending months behind the wheel of an instructor’s vehicle has given you a taste of what it is like to drive but now that you have passed your test, you realise that you now need a vehicle of your own!

Purchasing a vehicle is hard

Perhaps you have been learning to drive without having given a moment thought to purchasing a vehicle. There are many costs involved with owning a vehicle such as maintenance and tax but there is one significant cost – the price of the vehicle. We all have a vehicle in mind when we pass our test but of course, for many, purchasing that vehicle is out of reach. This is down to the fact that you do not have the savings or means to purchase it, after all, a car is one of the biggest purchases we make in our lifetime. This can make purchasing a vehicle seem like it is hard, but it does not have to be!

You have options

So you don’t have the several thousands of pounds in the bank required to buy a car but that does not matter. “How” we hear you say. Well, it is simply because vehicle finance with CANdoo is the easiest way for you to purchase a vehicle. At this point, you might be worrying about how you can afford the payments or whether your application will be accepted. These are natural thoughts but CANdoo finance aims to make everything so simple and easy.

Car finance is a tool that is available to everyone and it can help you purchase your car and get you on the road to proper motoring. You have spent enough time listening and learning, now is the time for you to go out there and experience what it is like driving on the road without, your friendly instructor sat next to you.

At CANdoo, we make the whole process and pain-free as possible. We want you to get on the road and we want you to be the proud owner of your very own car. Therefore, we work hard for you, in order to help you obtain the right finance.

Finance made for you

Everyone has a different situation and that works well for us because we do not see it as a problem. In some ways, new drivers are seen as a risk but we don’t see it like that when it comes to finance because you are no different to anyone else. This is all about giving you the right finance deal that leads you down to the path to motoring freedom. We will find a finance package that fits your needs and your budget. We look at every case with a new pair of eyes and we don’t judge. Therefore, when you come to us, you can be sure that we will help you to find the right finance package for you!

Our Vision & Mission

With access to over 40 lenders we CAN get you the best possible deal!.We pride ourselves on our unique ability to give you an instant decision when you apply for car finance with CANDoo

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