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Are you self-employed, need car finance?

If you are self-employed you might be wondering how you are going to purchase a vehicle, after all, all of your money goes back into your business but you do have options. While you could purchase the car outright, it is not a choice made by many and so, they tend to turn to car finance.

Why Car Finance if you are self-employed?

If you run a business, then your time and money are going to be tied up in many things but CANdoo car finance can help you to own a vehicle and keep your business running in the way you want it to.

Being self-employed comes with a number of uncertainties with the main concern being the finances. There is always a worry whether there will be any business tomorrow, next week or even next month and so, planning can prove difficult.

Despite these concerns, the right vehicle finance will make it possible for you to own a vehicle with no worries and without having to use the business funds to pay for it. When you opt to purchase a vehicle using finance, you are putting yourself in a position that gives you the best of both worlds. On one hand, you can make the same fixed payment every month and on the other hand, you get to drive around in the vehicle you want or need. It is effectively a win-win situation.

Self-employed – no problem

Ok, so you might be coming back around to the concern of your finances once again but CANdoo Car Finance is designed for everyone, even if you have bad credit and you are self-employed. The great thing about car finance for the self-employed is that it provides an element of control and flexibility.

As a business owner, you will need to plan your finances meticulously but it helps when some of your outgoings are fixed and easy to manage. This is exactly what car finance can give you. It will provide you with a manageable payment each month that enables you to work and live within your means. At CANdoo, it is important that the correct finance packages, offering competitive interest rates are available for those who are self-employed. There is no reason why self-employed individuals should be penalised for owning a business and therefore prevented from owning a car. The great thing about CANdoo is that it takes your circumstances, good or bad into consideration before making a decision. There is no doubt that owning a vehicle can be beneficial to your business and it can actually help you to grow and that is always a good thing. As a result of this, finance is designed to fit in with the business and financial needs of those who are self-employed.

Everyone deserves a chance, even when you are self-employed and that is why car finance is not only achievable but it is out there and waiting for you. The hardest decision you have to make is choosing which vehicle is right for you.

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